Male Parent Nominee to the Board of Management

A vacancy has arisen on the Board of Management and the position must be filled by a male parent nominated from the parent body. The process to fill the position will be managed by the Board of Management in accordance with option 1 as outlined in Appendix B: Procedures for the nomination/election of a parent(s) for appointment by the Patron as a parent nominee(s) to the Board of Management in the “Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015-2019” issued by the Department of Education and Skills. The requirements for the role is to attend Board of Management meetings and assist the other members of the Board in the management of the school. The time commitment is up to six hours each month.


Stage 1: Tuesday 20th November 2018 – A meeting for all parents of children who have enrolled and commenced attendance at school will be held at 7.30pm (sharp) in the school. The purpose of the meeting is to seek formal nominations for a Male Parent to be appointed to fill the vacancy. The appointment will be effective from the conclusion of the selection process and continue up to the 30th November 2019. Parents seeking the position must be present at the meeting and will also require a person to nominate them to be present at the meeting. If there is only one nominee that person will be deemed to be appointed at this meeting.


Stage 2: By-election. In the event of more than one parent securing a formal nomination at the meeting on November 20th a by-election will follow. This requires the formally nominated male parents to allow their names to go on a ballot paper. Ballot Papers will be distributed to all parents in the children’s schoolbags by Thursday 22nd November. Parents who do not receive a ballot paper can request one from the School Principal.


Stage 3: By –election Ballot Papers will list Parent Nominees in family name alphabetical order and to state your preference you need to vote in order of your preference. All Ballot Papers must be returned to the school by 3pm on Tuesday 27th November. Ballot Papers received after that date will not be included in the result.


Stage 4: Votes will be counted at an open meeting in the school at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th November 2018 and the successful male parent nominee will be announced.


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