Green Schools

The Green Schools program has been running in our school since 2013. To date we have achieved two green flags, the first for litter and waste and the latest one for energy conservation. It has provided a great opportunity for students, staff and the wider school community to become more responsible about the environment. Through the program our children have learned about the importance of protecting and improving our environment and about the actions that they can take themselves to help.

The Green Schools committee has worked really hard this year to achieve our second green flag. Power patrols take place during all break times to ensure all lights and electrical appliances are switched off when not in use. Energy Action Day took place earlier this year to coincide with Earth Day. The committee organised a Zero Power Hour where no electricity was used in the school.

The Green Schools committee has also been consolidating the previous work done on litter and waste. Each classroom has three separate bins for general waste, recyclable waste and food waste. A compost bin has been installed beside our vegetable garden for our fruit and vegetable waste. The compost will be used to fertilise our garden in future.

The green schools committee is made up of children from 2nd to 6th class along with staff members and a parent’s representative.