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Re: School Year 2020/2021– Pupil Expenses

Dear Parent/Guardian, Each school year parents and guardians are asked to contribute to funding the cost of the consumables, registrations and licences and other school resources. The amount being requested this year remains at €50 and we ask again for your generous support. This request for a contribution is normal practice in most schools in Ireland as the funding provided in grants that we receive from the Department of Education and Skills has not kept pace with the cost of running a school. To explain what we use your contribution to fund the Board of Management has broken down the amounts as follows:

> Pupil charge payable Educate Together National Office €15

> 24 hour Accident Insurance (medical costs only) €6

> IT licence costs and IT support charges €10

> Photo copying and printing and other class consumables €14

> Sports equipment/curriculum resources €5

Total €50

Fees payable to Patron body

The pupil payment to Educate Together is needed to fund the Patron’s national office and must be paid by the school based on pupil numbers attending. As an Educate Together school we depend on the support and advice of the patron to manage this school and to remain part of the Educate Together network.

Accident Insurance (24 hr Cover)

Purchasing a group Accident Insurance policy reduces the cost for families by almost 60% over buying individual policies for each child and is a desirable purchase in terms of any medical costs associated with an accident or injury as the costs of treatment is reimbursed directly to you subject to policy conditions. Many families use this cover every year and once you pay the premium the school will include your child in the cover.

IT/Photocopying/Printing, other consumables and Sports Equipment/Curriculum resources

These are mainly classroom and playtime sundry resources that directly relate to your child’s education and school life. The annual cost of these items is in the region of €10,000 for the school and without the voluntary contribution from you, we would have to restrict the purchase of these items.

As we are conscious that asking for money can cause difficulties for a small number of families, there is (as in previous years) an option to pay in instalments. Please contact the Principal (in confidence) as soon as possible if you need any special consideration in arranging a payment plan or wish to request a waiver from payment. Although this payment is (strictly speaking) voluntary, without your support it would not be possible to fund these resources and costs. You will receive a separate notification from the school about how you can now make this payment through the school website. If you do not want to make an online payment you can pay by cash or cheque. Receipts are given in every case.

In June 2017, Maynooth Educate Together N.S. was granted full “Charitable Status” by the Charities Regulator. Therefore if you want to make an additional donation to this school at any time and benefit from a tax relief on the donation please feel free to contact the school for information. The Board of Management appreciates your continued support.

Book Rental

As in previous years we will operate a Book Rental scheme in this school year. Over a number of years we have removed the following books from our class booklists ie Gaeilge Readers, English Readers, History books, Geography books and Science books. We also have a range of in-school  extension readers and workbooks which are available to pupils. The removal of these books from our booklists represents a considerable saving to all our pupils. For this school year, we request that all students pay €10 book rental to our School Books Rental Scheme.

Care of Books: Books purchases on the Book Rental Scheme may be used by students for homework. It is essential that  great care is taken of these books. They should be kept clean and not written on. With careful management these books will last many years. If books are lost or damaged, the replacement costs will accrue to parents.

Please note that table books, dictionaries, and some other books may be carried forward to the next class.


Marie Hand