Maynooth Educate Together NS – Parent Teacher Association

Our school has a very active Parent Teacher Association and all parents/guardians with children attending the school are automatically invited to be members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

What is the role of the Parents Association?

The Parent Teacher Association is consulted by the Board of Management in the preparation of school policies e.g. Enrolment Policy, Homework Policy, Bullying and Behaviour policies. It organises events to encourage social engagement between parents/guardians and wider family members of children attending our school. These events often raise important additional funding which is critical to purchase school resources. It plays a significant role in the operation of the school library which is an important resource to all children attending the school.

The Parent Teacher Association can invite external guests to speak with parents on relevant topical issues and arranges a number of events during the school year such as “The Spooky Walk”, ”Winter Fair”, “Book Fair” and “Summer Fair”. These activities are very popular with the children in the school. With the approval of the Board of Management, The PTA promotes our school through participation in community events such as the “Maynooth St. Patrick’s Day Parade” as well as organising occasional fund-raising events to support local charitable causes.

How does the Parent Teacher Association operate within the school?

The Parent Teacher Association hold an annual AGM (usually in September) from which an Executive Committee is elected for the school year. The Executive Committee hold regular meetings during the school year to which all parents/guardians are invited. These meetings are usually attended by the School Principal.
The Parent Teacher Association is not a policy making or decision making body, however it works closely with the School Principal and Board of Management on a day to day basis. The Parent Teacher Association is not the forum for dealing with an individual parental issue of for complaints against a teacher or other parent/guardian. Such matters are addressed via the designated complaints procedures.

To contact The Parent Teacher Association e-mail: