Maynooth Educate Together National School Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best possible education, combining the Irish Primary School curriculum and the Educate Together ethos, which fosters development of children’s talents, abilities and personalities. We support children in developing attitudes which will enable them to become open-minded, creative, respectful, responsible and caring members of society.

How are we achieving our mission:

We promote and implement in the daily life of our school a philosophy of education in which no child is an outsider.

Our school is:

  • Multi-denominational – children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds are equally respected;
  • Co-educational – boys and girls alike are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities;
  • Child centred in our approach to education and decision-making;
  • Democratically run.

    We recognize that parents/guardians are primary educators. We value their input and combine their involvement with the professional role of teachers.

    We implement the Irish Primary School Curriculum 1999, as laid down by the Department of Education and Science.
    We cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect in a well ordered, caring environment where students can interact in a safe manner and where positive relationships with others can be encouraged.
    We focus positively on the abilities of each student while recognising and supporting areas of need.
    We respect and celebrate each child’s different and unique identity.
    We promote respect and regard for all belief systems. We equally respect that people choose not to adhere to any faith.
    We promote the values of justice, equality and human rights for all, and endeavour to develop in children a knowledge, appreciation and respect for the environment.
    Our school is democratically run with active participation of parents/guardians, staff and members of wider community. We embrace input from our children to enable the highest level of partnership and participation.
    We promote professional and personal development of our staff through professional development programmes and informal support.
    We will build strong and mutually enriching relationships with other primary schools and the wider community.

Board of Management, November 2011