History of Maynooth ET

In January 2008 a group of people from the Maynooth and surrounding area contacted the Educate Together patron body. They wished to start up an Educate Together primary school in Maynooth. A start-up group was formed and within months, the Department of Education granted the patronage of a new primary school in Maynooth to Educate Together. Maynooth Educate Together NS opened its doors in September 2008. This new school was the result of the work of a start-up committee, whose determination to provide diversity of patronage in primary schooling in Maynooth, led them to work with the patron body Educate Together. Educate Together schools guarantee equality of access and esteem to children, irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background; are learner-centered in their approach to education, and are run as participating democracies with respectful partnerships between parents, pupils and staff.

The school has grown from an initial enrolment of 17 to our current enrolment of 230. In 2010, we opened our classes for children with autism and in 2013 the Department of Education and Skills provided us with the funding to build a purpose designed unit with a multi-sensory room and an open space, which doubled as our school hall. Our school is culturally diverse, with up on 30 nationalities represented in our current enrolment. Our school teaches the primary school curriculum of the Department of Education and Skills and the ethical education curriculum ‘Learn Together’ is taught in place of religious instruction. The curriculum allows children to explore different worldviews and beliefs, considering ethical dilemmas and the process of ethical decision making. Children develop the skills of critical thinking, discussion and debate. The school premises is used for afterschool religious instruction where parents who wish, have children prepared for religious sacraments First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Maynooth Educate Together participates in local and regional sport activities and are the current Kildare primary schools soccer champions in their category. We have participated in cultural, social and community initiatives and participate annually in Maynooth St Patricks Day Parade, for which we have won Best School award on a number of occasions. In 2017, the Department of Education and Skills submitted plans of a permanent school building to Kildare County Council for planning permission. It is envisaged that work will commence on this building project in autumn 2017. The entire school community is very excited at this news and we look forward to the additional facilities that a permanent building will provide. Since 2008, Maynooth Educate Together NS has become an integral provider of primary schooling in Maynooth. Our new school building will allow us to further grow and develop and provide for the ever growing demand for education under the patronage of Educate Together.

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