Booklists 2022 – 2023

Dear Parents,


Our booklists for the coming year have been finalised and are available to view or download below.

Junior Infants Booklist 2022 – 2023
Senior Infants Booklist 2022 – 2023
First Class Booklist 2022 – 2023
Second Class Booklist 2022 – 2023
Third Class Booklist 2022 – 2023
Fourth Class Booklist 2022 – 2023
Fifth Class Booklist 2022 – 2023
Sixth Class Booklist 2022 – 2023

In a further extension of our Book Rental Scheme, we have further reduced our booklists. From September 2021 onwards, all school textbooks will be available on our school Book Rental scheme. Only workbooks and dictionaries need to be purchased. Dictionaries are a one-off purchase, and should be used as the child progresses class by class. Books are available in Maynooth Bookshop on Main Street, Maynooth. 
The removal of textbooks from our booklists represents a considerable saving for all parents. For this school year, we request that Infant students pay €15 book rental, and all other pupils pay €25 per pupil to our School Books Rental Scheme. 
This money is payable to the school via Aladdin.

Care of Books:

Books purchased on the Book Rental Scheme will be used by students for homework.  It is essential that great care is taken of these books. 
They should be kept clean and not written on.  With careful management, these books will last many years.  If books are damaged or lost, the replacement cost will accrue to parents. 
Please note the table books, dictionaries and some other books may be carried forward to next class.

Primary Language Curriculum:

We are currently investing in resources to support our Primary Language Curriculum. This includes Reading Skills books, Oral Language Packs, Jolly Phonics resources and Big Cat readers.
These resources will greatly enhance our pupil’s engagement with the Language curriculum.