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Cycle Safety

For the last number of weeks the children in sixth class have been working hard to develop their cycling skills. Under the careful guidance of 'Radical' Richie Kelly and Don McSweeney the children learned vital skills such as carrying out Pre-Ride safety checks on clothing, helmets and bicycles.

From this they progressed to practicing their cycling skills in the safety of our school yard where Richie and Don transformed the yard into a working replica of a road network complete with T-junctions, major/minor roads etc. which challenged the children to develop practical skills such as performing left and right turns, merging from minor roads onto major roads and vice versa, and developing critical good practices such as the 'life saver' manoeuvre.

Once the children had developed their competence in all of these skills and their instructors were satisfied that it was safe to do so, the children were taken out to experience cycling on public roads close to the school. Upon their return Richie and Don had nothing but praise for the skills and general behaviour of the children of 6th class who were a credit to the school while out on the public roads.

Last Monday, Richie returned for the final lesson and the children watched a video on cycling safety which highlighted the dangers posed by other road users and motorists to cyclists and promoted safety strategies which the children can use to keep themselves safe on the roads. Each child who participated in the programme received a certificate of completion.

We would like to thank Richie and Don for delivering a fantastic course which has helped to develop vital skills and attitudes which will help to ensure that the children of 6t class are safer when cycling on public roads.

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